Sunday, October 25, 2009

Best of the Week's Bios

The writers who pen the articles I edit for my online editing gig include a short bio at the end of their articles. Here are the gems from the past week:

Writing has been a means of refuge for [him] since he can remember. [He] opined, "It leads to self-realization which begets clarity which begets understanding that drives serviceability."

[He] continues to share his love for the Houston Rockets in his writing.

[He] wants to be the catalyst that propels amazing stories.

I loved a good granola long before I attended UC Berkeley.

This was a fairly wast assignment. I finished my business finance class a week ago. Make an recommendation you fell are necessary.

She possesses a Master's Degree in Education with a minor in English, as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Education as well.

I am a Behavior Analyst and proud owner of an English Bulldog, who inspires much of my writing.

My ability to type is 45+ wpm.

I hope to one day find a box of money.