Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Work Queue

When I log in to my online article-editing account, I have a list of ten article titles, each of which needs to be edited.

The titles cover a seemingly endless variety of topics, literally almost anything you can think of. For example, yesterday I edited articles on various aspects of computer use, investing in the stock market, foreign currency exchange, auto maintenance, and more.

Since we are paid on a per-article basis, no doubt each editor has figured out an approach to article selection that is designed to maximize hourly earnings.

Given that one of our responsibilities is fact checking, I would think that most editors lean toward subjects with which they're familiar, at least as far as a title can suggest, and away from the opposite, which might require more fact checking.

Many titles are questions, the answer to which presumably is provided in the article; for example, "How do I apply for Medicare?" So another "test" (i.e., criterion) that I use in selecting a title is to ask myself, How likely is it that the question can be adequately answered in the article?

Which brings me to My not-to-be-touched-with-a-10ft-pole title of the day for yesterday: "List of Jobs Requiring a Bachelor's Degree."

What do you think, about a gazillion jobs condensed into a few hundred words?