Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This Craigslist post speaks for itself

I needed help writing a book (md)

i have writers block, and i believe that the reason is because i am not a writer, but i have a good, actually a few good ideas (stories) and i believe they are good, and the people that i have shared the stories with believe so too, my problem is that i can tell you the whole story with details, but when it comes down to writing it i just don't know where or how to begin, so here is the catch, i don't have much money, how about if we fill some paperwork before i share my stories, then i relate them to you, it will only take a couple of hours of your time, and if you (the expert) don't feel that they are not worth it, i will pay you for your time, but if you want to venture with me on this, then you will have 50% of whatever the book makes of it, name your hourly price and at the beginning of the interview i will show you the money, if you are interested, well you will get paid when the book sells, if you are looking to get paid along the way while we write the manuscript then don't reply to this ad

Hello, to all who have read and replied to my post, and thanks to those who have replied with suggestions and advices, I will not be deleting this ad, but many of You and Your advices have opened My eyes, so I will apologize and retract from my offer, it seems that I didn't know what I was asking when I asked for help, I will be taking the advices instead of the help that i have been offered, again, I apologized for using Your time