Friday, September 7, 2012

My new cover letter

To Whom It May Concern:

I am very interested in the unpaid editorial intern position for which you are currently recruiting on every job board in the DC area.

I’d like to summarize my experience as a professional editor. I believe this will convince you that my skill set and background make me a perfect candidate for an internship — that is, to start all over again so to speak.

I have worked in the editorial field for 30 years and have held every position from proofreader to managing editor. I’ve worked in the public and private sectors, edited book manuscripts, and done online editing via a content management system.

My knowledge of editorial styles includes, AP, Chicago, GPO, and Harvard Law School’s Blue Book.

You might wonder why someone with my experience seeks an intern position. Allow me to answer that question.

As stated above, I entered the editing field three decades ago, at a time when editing was a valued profession that had very high standards. Since that time, the editing field has taken a 180-degree turn. The opportunity to work as an intern would afford me the opportunity to “retrain” myself to the current devalued role of the editor and specifically to the current, acceptably low level of editorial standards.

I should emphasize that I am more than willing to take as many screening tests as you’d like to administer and, if hired, there is no limit to how many hours I can work (including evenings and weekends). I am also willing to carry out any assigned task, no matter how menial.

I believe the attached resume, which contains a summary of my entire editing career, does not merit your review in light of the fact that you have so many applicants to screen.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.