Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pretty young blue-eyed things with long blond hair and longer legs

As you walk around the corridors of my company, you can't help but notice an abundance of these abundantly blessed nubiles.

And they're rarely alone. They attract the dirty young and old men, and occasionally their female counterparts, like flypaper.

We have two staff writers in the proposal center. They sit around with nothing to do most of the time.

Despite that, our manager just hired another writer—the daughter of one of our proposal managers. She's a recent college grad with a journalism major. She has virtually no relevant work experience, but she is a pretty young blue-eyed thing with long blond hair and longer legs.

Do blonds really have more fun? Perhaps. But one thing's for sure—at my company they seem to have plenty of career opportunities.

9/21 Update: The favorite daughter (above) has, according to my manager's direction, been given some editing to do. She's helping out with the crush of work we have this week. She was not asked to speak with me first, nor has she. My money's on her being my replacement. This would save my manager from finding an editor, paying an agency for a temp to perm, etc., and, most importantly from actually needing to fully think out something.

So the proposal center will go from having an editor with 26+ years of experience to one with none. It makes perfect sense in the Bizarro World of my manager and soon to be former employer.