Sunday, February 1, 2009

Overheard at the Editors' Club

Who's Who: Him and Her are freelance editors for the publishing company where Hayley works as a production editor.

Him: After receiving all that feedback from Hayley, including how we use the serial comma, I started proofing the book. And there's a pattern. The serial comma is there without the "and" following it, as in, "He feels that editing is tedious, unrewarding, thankless." WTF is going on here?

Her: Hmmm. I'd've inserted the "ands." Maybe Hayley did and the author pitched a fit, fell in it, and demanded that they be deleted. Understand they cave on issues that don't affect meaning/content.

Him: I'm putting them in; she can deal with it however she wants. Your final sentence, which I get, certainly calls into question why we even bother to make a large percentage of our edits.