Friday, February 27, 2009

"Simply edited"

I received my annual performance bonus: $250, net was $153. My bonus was the same as the proposal center manager’s AA, the latter told me.

I sent an email to our division’s senior VP, inquiring as to why my bonus wasn’t larger in light of the much-touted (obviously bogus) “benefit” of bonuses for each winning proposal.

The following is part of her response:
“Participation in the sales commission pools is based on . . . your contribution to winning the contract. So, for example, if you are an editor and you simply edited [my emphasis] the proposal (did your job), then that would not normally merit participation in the pool. However, if you went above and beyond (identified critical problems in the proposal that did not meet stated evaluation criteria, found compliance issues that if missed might have made us non-compliant, provided unique suggestions around content, etc.), then the team would use our process to propose/request adding you to the pool.”

That’s reasonable, all things being equal. But they’re not. I don't see proposals until they reach the “Gold Team” step, i.e, the contributions she mentions that would merit a bonus are completed in the multiple reviews that take place before Gold Team.

This is just another manifestation of the gross undervaluation of editing.