Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Persona non grata II

At last Friday’s team-building session, we ended with a review of our individual action items. These are designed to improve the functioning of the proposal center.

My action item was to submit to the proposal manager a list of widely used and commonly understood acronyms that don’t need to be spelled out in proposals (e.g., DoD for Department of Defense).

Over the weekend I reviewed several proposals, pulled out a long list of those acronyms, and e-mailed the list to the PM, with a cc to the proposal center manager and the two proposal coordinators.

At yesterday’s staff meeting the proposal center manager again reviewed the action items to ensure we all understand our responsibilities regarding them. She and the proposal coordinators didn’t even acknowledge that I had already completed mine. Nor have I heard back from the proposal manager.

As an editor, I’m familiar with not being appreciated or thanked. As a human being, I’ll never accept being ignored.