Monday, May 25, 2009

RIP Telecommuting (d.2009)

I love telecommuting—Tuesday's at home in the comfort and quietude of my apartment. (Note re quietude: I know, the word choice could have been better. I just wanted to use that word for the first time in my life.)

Our manager performed the coup de grâce on this cherished benefit last week. Her fiat read, in part:

"Over all, to stop complaints to HR about how some people have more privileges then other (working from home being one of them), I have decided to discontinue the telecommuting." [grammatical errors hers]

So, in her typical, clueless fashion, rather than lead and manage the Proposal Center staff toward more respect and teamwork and thereby create a more equitable environment, she decided to punish everyone.

It's also noteworthy, and oh so telling, that she specifically states the reason for her decision is "to stop complaints to HR."

I miss the '60s and '70s. Back in the day, I had more than one job where staff would have organized to get rid of a manager who did more harm than good.