Monday, May 25, 2009

What are those guys doing over there, playing games?

As the editor for the proposal center, my responsibilities include editing all graphic elements of a proposal. These include a variety of tables, charts, and figures. Many of them are very complex multicolored and layered images done by our graphic artists using memory-intensive software applications.

The graphic artists' repeated requests to have faster computers with increased memory were finally acted upon, and their new PCs were ordered.

When they arrived, the mailroom staff refused to accept delivery because the wording on the boxes included words to the effect that the PCs were excellent for gaming.

Despite being apprised of this by our production manager, our manager took no action to deal with the situation. So the graphic artists plod along and do the best they can.

When this was discussed at a recent staff meeting, the production manager, not our manager, said that when the graphic artists' PCs crash in the face of a critical deadline, he'll tell someone upstairs "I told you so!"

The proposal center manager sat in silence, as is her wont. Not providing any leadership or management is one thing, but actually getting in the way of staff is a horse of a different color. Such horses should be sent to the glue factory.