Monday, July 27, 2009

"All you've done is editing."

I had a so-called mid-year review with my manager last week.

Her assessment was peppered with language about being a team player, chipping in, stepping it up, and so forth. Not a word was uttered about my editing.

Her view is that the editing workload in the proposal center is generally very light. She is one of the unenlightened who thinks editing takes no time or effort. Thus, she broached the subject of redefining my role.

She said, "Looking at your resume, I see that all you've done is editing." The emphasis is hers.

This trivializing and undervaluing editing is not uncommon. But I have never worked anywhere as an editor (since 1983) where this view was as prevalent as it is in my shop.

It is very likely that the name of this blog will change in very short order.