Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This is the person who reviews my performance.

I did a quick edit of a "white paper" my manager sent to me at 3:30—quick because it was 12 pages and I had to leave at 4 sharp.

She still can't grasp the concept that editing takes time. I've talked up my varying "pages per hour" capability (depending on the level of effort required), but to no avail. This is as close to truly talking to a wall as I've ever been. Back to the point.

The title of the article contained "Area Processing Center (APC)." Throughout the article there were singular (APC) and plural references (APCs).

After I submitted the paper to her she asked me why, as the title contained "APC," I added "s" in many places. I actually had to explain that there is more than one APC.