Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Mother of All Mental Lapses

I'm a very good job hunter. I've got the resume/cover letter/phone screening/interview drill well in hand, with the results to prove it.

However, this past week I made a mistake for which I'll be beating myself up for a while.

I'm in the process of putting in place a number of permanent part-time freelance positions that will enable me to move away from FT employment toward a semi-retirement supported by several income streams.

One of my current freelance jobs (previously written about here) is for a West Coast media company that provides content to many websites. I edit short articles for the company.

I found an identical position posted on craigslist for a Boston company looking for copy editors. I applied online. And then I realized that, indeed, I had taken leave of my senses when I composed the email cover letter.

Among other things I wrote: "I am most interested in the copy editor position and am currently doing similar work for a company on the West Coast."

Let's rewrite that, shall we, for a tip on how not to get a job: "I'm working for one of your competitors."

Wishing you were here: You'd be more than welcome to act on the "Kick Me" sign on my butt.