Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The concept of need-to-know is not part of her functional vocabulary.

We have a new temp-to-perm proposal coordinator who makes the Energizer Bunny seem catatonic. She flits around the office continuously, trying to make a good impression in more ways than I care to write about. Suffice to say she's overbearing, overreaching, and overly enthusiastic.

And she provides way too much information, most of it unnecessary. For example, I generally edit proposals after the third internal review, by the Gold Team. Their review is preceded first by the Pink Team, then by the Red Team.

The Rookie just came to me with another of her needless updates, this time to inform me that the Pink Team review date has been changed. Her update included the obvious fact that this change doesn't affect me.

One can only hope that she will burn out and get out of our collective hair.