Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Insolent Incumbent

I edited a Request for Information (RFI) yesterday for a federal contract for which my company is the incumbent. It's a multi-year contract, and the RFI is a formality; simply some mid-contract documentation to support the continuation of our work with the government client.

The resume section was a mess—several entirely blank "Summary of Experience" sections and numerous entries that I queried.

When the proposal coordinator released the edited files to the project manager for review, he told her that he didn't have time to look at the files. She told him the files had extensive edits visible with the "Track Changes" function on, and that there were queries that required his attention. He repeated that he wasn't going to review my work, and that it really didn't matter as we're the incumbent contractor.

This begs the question, Why even bother to send projects like this through Editing and Desktop Publishing?