Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hi. My name is Bud and I have a problem with illiterates.

There's a Seinfeld episode revolving around the fact that Jerry's Catholic dentist, Tim, has converted to Judaism. Tim immediately starts telling Jewish jokes. Jerry takes issue with Tim's conversion because he believes Tim converted just for the jokes.

He shares this with a priest, who asks him, "And you are offended by this as a Jew?" Jerry answers, "No, I'm offended by this as a comedian!"

Which brings me to real life.

My illiterate manager sent an email this morning alerting the team that she'd be out today. Me and one other person were omitted from her message, which a coworker passed along to me.

I sent her an email inquiring about the obvious omissions.

Here's her response, verbatim:

"Regardomg tje notice of me being out today. This was not done intentionally, since I was sending it through my blackberry and I did not get the spelling of everyone’s last name, I sent it to those that their email was in my inbox."

Putting aside the fact that she doesn't have all of our addresses on her BlackBerry, just look at that writing.

Does this offend me as a member of her staff? Sure. But it really offends me as an editor!