Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Illiterati are taking over my office.

The Rookie (see entry immediately below) continues her relentless pursuit of endearing herself to anyone above her in the hierarchy. Here's another one of her needless (by any normal business standard) updates to the proposal center manager:

"Bud was able to download the Acrowizard successfully and will have 30 days to work with it and see if it is helpful and/or a tool he would most likely use.

"I will touch basis with you and Bud a few days before our trial period is over to see if it is something worth purchasing. Thanks!"

First, the "and/or": Using this construction doesn't make you appear to be a good writer. It's lazy writing and, in this case, it's not even correct. "Helpful and a tool" works, even though it's redundant. "Helpful or a tool" is a nonsensical pairing.

Second, "I will touch basis with you" . . . no comment needed.

Third, "Thanks!": Who here needs to be thanked, and emphatically to boot?